Sunday, December 18, 2011

hello monday...

hello Christmas week...

hello regular work hours... I need a good nights sleep.

hello kitchy santa clause on my bed...
hello huge blessings in unexpected places.

hello completing 2011 and dreaming of what a new year has in store.

hello cousins... it was so much fun playing with you.
 hello looking for something new to learn today.

hello Christmas week... you are full of wonder and anticipation.

What are you saying hello to this Christmas week Monday?



Rhonda said...

Hey Kristin :) It was good to see you guys the other night!! I totally forgot you had a blog until that night. I have been trying to do better at keeping mine updated. It's tough!! :) Hope you guys had a good New Years!!

kristin said...

It was great seeing you too! I know what you mean about keeping your blog updated. I seem to post in spurts. It's just another thing to keep up with and when you have littles its especially hard. Happy New Year!!