Sunday, January 1, 2012

hello monday...

Hello first week of 2012.. I'm expecting BIG things from you.

hello happy fire... you will be cozy and warm this week.

hello colder temperatures... you bring the feeling of winter, but you don't have to stay long.

hello morning routines, afternoon homework, and bedtime schedules.

hello 2012 weekly planner.. you will be one of my best friends.

hello planning work weeks, road trips, healthier habits, and family vacations.

hello 21 day fast.

hello clean house.. that feels a bit empty with Christmas packed away for another year.

hello Andrew enjoying your milkshake.

hello learning new things.

hello creativity.

hello Josephine Ann, I'm coming to see you Friday and I can't wait to hold you.

hello new year.

hello new life!

what are you saying hello to this first Monday of 2012?


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