Wednesday, December 14, 2011

sense the season... 2

Two Decembers ago I explored the idea of how we use our senses during Christmas. I thought hard about how our senses effect our experiences. And, during this season all of our senses seem to be heighten.

So tell me, what sense does Christmas effect the most for you?

Is it the smells of the season?

wood crackling and burning in the fireplace.
the scent of pine, douglas, and fur when you step on a tree lot.
oranges and cinnamon.
warm cookies coming out of the oven.

Is it the sounds of the season?

bells ringing outside of shopping centers.
the words "Merry Christmas" being exchanged among strangers.
a marching bands rendition of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." in a small town parade.
a child's squeal and delight in the wonder of it all.
familiar Christmas carols coming through your radio.

Is it the sights of the season?

the glow in a child's eyes when they gaze into the lights on a tree.
a creatively decorated gingerbread house.
frosted rooftops early in the morning.
the dancing flame of a scented candle.
stockings hung by the chimney with care

Is it the feel of the season?

a stack of warm wishes and season greetings you just retrieved from your mailbox.
the closeness of family around the dinner table.
crisp, cold air that hits your face when you open the door in the morning.
warm pjs snuggled close to you while watching a Christmas classic.
smooth wrapping paper that fits tight around a package of carefully picked treasure.

Is it the taste of the season?

homemade pumpkin pie.
warm cocoa smothered in marshmallows.
honey baked ham.
buckeyes (that you steal from your spouse)

personally, I love to gaze upon and behold the sights. Take pictures in my mind of scenes that will be long remembered. Images that will be told about again and again. Images of my daughter hugging her new doll that was left under the tree, of the church glowing with candle light at midnight on Christmas eve, tables carefully set with goodies made from love, thousands of tiny lights filling the streets of a little town.

Images of angels filling the night sky, proclaiming the good news.
Images of a baby wrapped in strips of cloth lying in a manager.
Images of lowly shepherds being invited to take part in the greatest miracle of mankind.
Images of a shining star that leads us and guides us to the savior.

How does Christmas effect your senses?
Do you see what I see?

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