Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pushing Through

This week I starting exercising, seriously.

My clothes are beginning to fit a bit too tight and my sister's wedding is in a month and a half.  Not to mention I feel crumby all the time {like a slug} Plus, there has been this conviction thing going on, saying I CAN change the way my clothes fit and the way my body feels. I just have to do the work.

So. everyday this week, I have suited up, plugged my ears with fast beat music, and hit the treadmill, elliptical,  weights, and bootcamp type workouts. You could say I have broke a sweat.

Exercising is one of my least favorite things to do. It always seems to be a struggle for me. I have low endurance. Very little tolerance for pain. and tend to give up easily. Not a great combo for intense workouts. But, I experienced something interesting this week.

I love when I encounter a physical experience that lends itself to a deeper lesson.

I noticed the first five minutes of getting my heart rate up was a struggle. I felt faintish and uncomfortable.  But I kept pushing.

 The next five minutes was even harder. Excuses ran through my mind, "I could stop for today, it's better than nothing." I began to sweat and I kept pushing.

One of my favorite songs came on, and I kept pushing.

All of a sudden I realized the struggle was gone. I almost felt like I was floating. I didn't want to stop.
I just kept running, and praising God with David Crowder. It felt amazing. I had pushed through. Stuck with it. Endured. and FINISHED well.

I went for a shower and noticed Father was smiling at me.
The deeper lesson, He said to me, is to push through, stick with Him.
And soon the struggle will give way to strength.

What struggle are you facing right now? What are you sticking with and how are you pushing through to gain strength?


The Farmer Files said...

Visiting you from Deeper Story link up. I am right there with you. Today I just ordered 30 Day Shred.

Julie said...

Hi, Kristin,
I found you from the "A Deeper Story" blog. I enjoyed reading your post here.

I love seeing God in those everyday things...

I'd love for you to visit if you'd like. I love meeting new people!