Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sometimes sweeping is not enough...

Sometimes it is not enough to just sweep.
Sometimes you have to get the Filter Queen to those dust bunnies.
Sometimes sweeping just moves the dirt into a corner.
We are trying our best to clean but the "tools" we are using aren't strong enough.
We need to plug into some POWER.

I have this really bad habit of sweeping my kitchen floor but leaving all the dirt and debris piled in the corner and covering it up with the broom. Most of the floor is clean, but that corner is piled up with junk and then covered.
Did I complete the job?
Did I effectively clean it all?
No.. I did not.

In the past year I have let the floor of my life get really mucked up.
There is dirt and grime.
Dust and spills.
And I've been sweeping....
I've been trying to clean it up. But, my broom is not powerful enough.
I need a more heavy duty tool that will pick up the broken pieces. (glass that was shattered and still pose danger when not removed effectively.)  A tool that will suck up the dirt and dust that has settled over the surface. I need a tool that is made to get into every nook and cranny. Every corner. Under every part of my life.

A tool that will go into the creases of my marriage and remove whatever does not belong there.
A tool that will reach the high places of pride, selfishness, idolatry, and lust.And suck it out.
A tool that will skim the surfaces of friendships, parenthood, finances, and church.. clean it up..
A powerful tool that will remove the pile sitting in the corner covered by the broom.

The pile I don't want to look at.
The pile I don't want to touch.
The pile I don't want to bend down and deal with.

I'm ready to finish cleaning this floor.
I have to hang up the broom. and take out the Filter Queen.
When I plug in the Filter Queen it has power.
Power is NEEDED for this dirty job.

Several weeks ago Father convicted my heart and laid a desire in me to commit myself for the next year to be a student of the Word. It is in the Word that I will be transformed, renewed, healed, and cleansed. I know that the only thing that can cleanse the messiness of the past year of my life is the POWER of His Words. Genesis 1:1 says "In the beginning God." "All reality begins with God." and that is where I will begin. I will begin by plugging into the power.
Because sometimes sweeping is not enough....

Have you experienced the POWER of God's Word recently?

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