Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Recording a New Song...

We sat on the porch with our boom box in front of us. It was mid summer sometime in the 1980's. My favorite past time that summer was making mixed tapes with my dad. We would listen to the radio for hours waiting for our favorite songs to play. When Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, The Pet Shop Boys {If you grew up in the 80's you so know what I am talking about} blasted through those speakers my dad would press play and record at the perfect moment. We made tapes for the beach, tapes for Christmas {which usually would crank up in the car sometime mid October} tapes for family reunions ect. I listened to them on roadtrips, by the pool, in my bedroom. Over and Over and Over. I had a few favorites that I would ...
Rewind and Play

Rewind and Play

Those tapes I made with my dad those summers in the 80's are long gone now. 
BUT, this was my revelation today. A lightbuld moment, you could say. 

I  recorded things on the tape of my heart and mind a long time ago that does not serve me very well. Maybe I needed it at the time for some reason or another, but now it just restrains me, blocks me, holds me back. The recordings are familiar and even somewhat comfortable. So I continue to press...
Rewind and Play

Rewind and Play

It's the patterns of negative thinking. 
It is TIME for me to REWIND the tape and RECORD a NEW song. A song that will serve me well. 
My boombox is in front of me {It is the Word of Life} 
It is the perfect moment
Play and Record....

"Don't keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I am about to do something brand-new." Is 43:18

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