Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Big Rock.. Great Tunes.. A New Year= FIREWORKS

New Years has never really been a big deal for George and I. Most years we stay home because we have had young children that need to be in bed at a decent hour so they would not be monsters visiting with family on New Years day. We would maybe have a glass of wine, watch the ball drop on TV, and give a quick kiss at midnight at best. But this year New Years Eve was my FAVORITE by far...

The kids are bigger now and the grandparents offered to have them over to spend the night. We had hoped to spend this year with friends and do something a little different. But considering most of our friends are young families, a holiday that involves partying and staying up all hours of the night did not pan out. So at the last minute George asked me on a date to the mountains.

About 1030 we bundled up, loaded the jeep with all our goodies, and drove north, to Bald Rock. A place we stop by often going on our little mountain adventures. It is a massive rock with a beautiful view. At night you can find yourself a niche in the rock and settle in to enjoy the hour. You can watch the lights dance across the sky from houses below and the city of Greenville on the horizon. Of course the vastness above you is filled with twinkling lights too. The ones of Gods creation. But last night was overcast. We found our perfect spot. Blew up our camping pad and laid out our blankets. We wrapped up together and built a small fire to enjoy.
We talked. We prayed. We laughed. We listened. We listened to the streams flowing from the mountains, the sounds of fireworks going off over the expanse, and tunes. Some old some new, but our favorites.
We thought about our past and dreamed about our future. And at midnight we did not need a ball to tell us to ring in the New Year, we knew because color filled the sky and sounds rung out over the mountain. 
"Happy New Year."
We kissed and held each other close. 
Hello 2011. 

How did you ring in the New Year?

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