Thursday, December 8, 2011

lubricating the world...

"As God's chosen people...clothe yourselves with...kindness." 
colossians 3:12

Going back to work is opening my eyes to the world that I live in. This world stretches far beyond the walls of my cozy little home, where my children are healthy, food stocks my pantry, and clean linens cover our beds. This world goes past my own ability to take a walk around the block, grab a refreshing shower when I want, and sit down for a meal with my family. All of which I am clearly seeing that I take for grated far too often.

In the past five days I have walked through the doors of the "Paralyzed in the projects", the "elderly who is facing death", the "obese hoarder", and the "wealthy clinically psychotic". Life circumstances I have only seen on TV. And God's voice in my heart says to me, "Take a hard look at bondage. Pray fervently while you work. Wait patiently for My lead. You will have a window of opportunity to do what I called you here for. To Set the Captives Free."

An encouraging word to the one who can't get out of bed on his own.
An act of kindness to the one who can't control his emotions.
A prayer for the one who is writing the final chapter of his days.
A listening ear to the one who sits all alone everyday buried in his own prison.
A cheerful attitude.
A gentle smile.
A generous laugh.
A genuine interest in their story.
Little by little unlocking the chains of bondage. Lubricating the hard places.

Not long ago I read a story about a peculiar man who carried a can of oil around with him as he walked through life. When he found squeaky doors, or gates that were hard to open, he would squirt a little oil on there hinges or latches, making it easier for those who came behind him to get through... to enter. He oiled all the difficult places he found. When we stretch beyond the comforts of our own lives, we find that many lives creak painfully, with rusty hardened hearts that are difficult to open. They desperately need the lubrication of the "oil of joy" gentleness, helpfulness, patience. We never know how our little can of oil could soften ones heart and make it ready to receive the grace of Jesus. Ready to be set free.

Has anyone ever used their oil can on you, that eased up the difficult places in your life? that set you free? I would love to hear about it...


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