Monday, December 5, 2011

hello monday...

boy, did the weekend deliver. It was one of those times where i knew without doubt that i was exactly where i was suppose to be, doing exactly what i was suppose to be doing. that kind of experience always makes me feel so ALIVE.

and I am excited to say HELLO to monday and a brand new week...

hello counting down to christmas...

hello mailing christmas cards...not a normal tradition of ours, but we're making a new one.

hello holiday baking, now that's a tradition..

hello planning holiday get togethers..

hello anticipating the birth of my first niece... anytime now 

hello my new favorite christmas ornament... a gift from Gs mom, also a christmas tradition..

hello to a surprise phone call from a dear friend whose family are full time missionaries in africa...

hello "21 days of rediscovering christmas" reading plan.. our family is receiving a blessing from you.

hello first full week of working in the great big world... im counting on a great week...

hello december... you are the encore of our 2011' story. May you be truly special!!

what are you saying hello to on this first monday of december?


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