Monday, December 12, 2011

hello monday...

hello being married to my very best friend for 13 years today.

hello recalling the journey of our marriage today, like we do every Dec 12

hello thanking God for what He has brought us through, and where He is taking us.

 hello wrapped packages under the tree... it's a start

hello christmas shopping this week... nothing like the last minute.

hello stockings to be filled, cards to be mailed, and cookies to be baked.

hello chilly weather... and warm coats with gloves and toboggans.

hello monday... i am happy to see you!!!


Stacy said...

Happy Anniversary! It is our 13 th annniversary today too:)

kristin said...

Stop it!!! WOW!! Happy Anniversary to you guys! We got married on the same day. That's really cool :)