Sunday, December 11, 2011

christmas spectacular...

Christmas Spectacular
take one:

 We piled up in my best friends mini van Friday night and headed to this house, not far away, of Christmas spectacular. It was Christmas craziness. A simple residential house, that breaks out their 1600+ lights, and countless blow ups every year for the community to come and enjoy. The experience came complete with Santa Clause and free hand outs of pop corn. And lets not forget the magical glow in kids eyes and the sounds of excited squeals and statements like, "I'm in love with this place." It was truly something to behold. Cars lined the streets of the neighborhood and people bundled in toboggans and mittens journeyed through the maze of lights and Christmas scenes. I couldn't imagine being their neighbor come Thanksgiving every year.

Missy and Gracie entered the wonderland...
check out the pool in the back yard, complete with an ark blow up...
Seriously, this was amazing...
Before our Christmas light adventure, Missy and Gracie came over for a little season celebration, and we decided that this would be a new tradition for all of us. Every year our families will get together for a meal, gifts, a Christmas devotion, and an adventure to see the lights. We discussed how Jesus was the light of the world, and what we could do to shine His light in the world during this season. I cooked a meal and we piled around our little kitchen table, shared stories and jokes. JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT. To me, family and friends scrunched around a table sharing a meal and love is what this season is all about.

I am learning the importance of tradition. They give us things to look forward to. They help us remember. And they write our stories. I'm thankful for old traditions this Christmas, and for beginning new ones.


Christmas Spectacular
take two:

And then there's the old traditions.
I left work Saturday afternoon and rushed to catch the Reidville Christmas parade. I had to park a little over a mile away, and almost ran through the crowds down the street in the my scrubs and danskos, turning my ankle more then once. The parade had already begun, but I had my camera in hand, ready to snap. I made my way through the crowd, zigzagging from grass to road, trying not to get pelted by the candy that was being slung through the air. I was smiling to myself, as I heard the words "Merry Christmas" repeated again and again. The Reidville Christmas parade has always been a tradition for me, but this year Andrew was marching with his cub scout pack in the parade and I didn't want to miss him. I finally made it to my spot with family, and took a deep breath, because I had not missed pack 29 and I could sit back and enjoy the amusement of the participates.

Here comes pack 29
And here's my little star...
The hillbilly cars were always my favorite...
And of course, No Christmas parade would be complete without the grand finale being the big man himself.

Take delight in your traditions this year. And while your at it, why don't you create some new ones.
Enjoy this season! Make is SPECTACULAR!



Stacy said...

We went to that house last night. It was crazy how many lights they had!

kristin said...

Hey Stacy!!
I know, amazing to experience. Cheryl Cannon and I went to this house several years ago, but it was early in the season and they were setting it up. This year we got the full experience. Pretty cool.