Monday, August 1, 2011

i resolved 2...

Yesterday I started a list of resolutions from John Edwards that I am attempting to re-write so that I can better understand them. And quickly I am learning, no matter how long of a list of resolutions I make, and no matter how hard I try to keep them, I will always always fall short. I guess that was the whole point of the law. We can't fully keep it. The key is a relationship. And last night after I finished my post God showed me what He meant by relationship first hand. I'll share more on that at later post. But for now I'm going to continue my list. Because, even though I can't keep it perfectly, there is something empowering about mediating on these things. So here is 11 through 20..

11. Resolved, when I see any problem around me that need to be solved, to quickly go about the works of making it right to the best of my ability.

12. Resolved, to immediately dispose of any gratification I take in my pride or self seeking nature.

13. Resolved, to seek out ways to give to others and to help those in need.

14. Resolved, never to react, or behave, or scheme out of revenge.

15. Resolved, never to bind myself to anger towards those who are not thinking straight.

16. Resolved, not to put others down, criticize them, or make them feel shameful.

17 Resolved, to live in such a way that when I die I have no regrets.

18. Resolved, to always live with the gospel as my focus. remembering what Jesus means to me and the world he is preparing for me in eternity.

19 Resolved, never to be anywhere, doing anything, that I would not want to be doing when Jesus comes back for his bride.

20. Resolved, to eat and drink only things that are good and nutrious for me, never to pollute my body with toxins to the best of my ability.

And there you go..

happy monday...

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