Sunday, July 31, 2011

i resolved

Today is Sunday and George had to work this morning, which meant the kids and I drove 40 minutes to church ourselves. The little church plant our family has been attending for a few weeks now is, yes, 40 minutes away. Church has become somewhat of a day trip. But, as each week passes the more I (and the rest of my little family) feel we are being called to this church. So God, would you please make the path straight for our family to take up residence in this community so that we will feel more at home on Sunday mornings, then having to pack for an excursion. Swiftly... Thank you and Amen..

So enough about that.. That's not really what this post is about anyway. George and the fellow that he works hand in hand with most days had their own little church service this morning. A sort of devotion I guess (it was George's idea) His co-worker is an "ULTRA" Conservative Christian of the Independent Fundamental  Baptist roots. George and I find ourselves somewhere in the middle. A good blend of power receiving Charismatic, Jesus believing Southern Baptist, a Non-denominational training up and teaching of biblical application, with some rules, methods and disciplines of our Methodist and Catholic backgrounds thrown into the mix. We tend to just be sinners who know very well that we have been saved by grace. George and I have had many conversations as of late about the strict, legalistic beliefs of his co-worker. These conversations have brought somewhat of an exploration to our own faith.

When George mentioned this morning that he thought they should have a little church at their break.. you know maybe read some scripture, say some prayers for the company and those who work for it, His co-worker went and printed out these resolutions off the computer, to share at church. George brought them home and I thought they were pretty good. Although, I had to read them several times to grasp what they were saying. So I decided I would write them in my own language and read them for awhile just for good measure.

There are 70 resolutions of  John Edwards written in the mid 1700s.
I am going to take 10 a day for a week and rewrite them.

The Resolutions of John Edwards according to Kristin...

1. Resolved, that I will do whatever will bring God the most glory, and benefit my well-being every day of my life. I resolve to do what God has called me to and will make sure to encourage and build up others for His kingdom. I will do this no matter what trails I may face in the process.

2. Resolved, to continually seek out new ways to grow in the knowledge of God and truth.

3. Resolved, whenever I fall short of the standards God has set before me, I will quickly repent of what is made known to me.

4. Resolved, never to do anything, whether in my soul or with my body, but what will tend to the glory of God.

5. Resolved, never to waste time, but to use every moment for the betterment of myself and others to the best of my ability.

6. Resolved, to live fully alive, fully aware, in the present. Not holding to the past and not worrying about the future.

7. Resolved, never to do anything that I would not do if I knew I would no longer be living on earth in the next hour.

8. Resolved, never to believe that I am any better than anyone else. I am fully capable of the wickedest of things. Never think that it is my place to judge others in anyway.

9 Resolved, to remember often, that I am only here for a short time. My days are numbered. My focus is on the eternal.

10. Resolved, when I feel pain or self pity, to remember those less fortunate than I, and to pray for those who are not yet secure in a real relationship with God, through His son Jesus.

The next 10 will come tomorrow.
Blessed Sunday Evening to all...


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