Thursday, June 16, 2011

and we're off.

So we are well into the race of summer. full steam. I do love these long, carefree, whimsical days. Our summer has also began with a great deal of change. Change can be hard, but when it has purpose and direction, change can mean growth  and new life.

George recently took a job as an electrician at a paper mill. And it has been a big change. It is a job that we have been praying for over a number of months. And the door opened for this job in just the right time. But, it has been a cultural shock for us. I can't call him whenever I'm having one of my mid day melt downs, there is less freedom, and he has to wear these bright yellow safety shirts. I have to laugh to myself (or maybe out loud) when I see him pulling in our driveway in his topless jeep sporting his neon shirt. I just know he can't be missed on the road. He seems satisfied with the job and its new challenges though. So that makes me happy and the new opportunities it will lend to our family makes me smile even bigger. change that I know will bring growth and open doors. 

 Summer always starts off with triple birthdays. My birthday is on the 5th and Madison and my mother-in-laws is on the 7th. So I kind of feel for my husband because he always has his mothers, daughters, and wifes birthday to plan for at the same time. The 3 main women in his life. But... we always start the summer with celebration and that is always a good thing.

Now that the week of celebrating birthdays is over, we move onto other things. like afternoon movies, after mornings of play and swimming, with microwave smores and popcorn

Ive been adding some special touches around the house.. And finding some neat items from my little treasure hunts through my grandfathers garage, hidden away in junk piles left for abandon, and strolling through our local flea market.
I made my own summer checklist and posted it up in the kitchen to remind me not to forget to make memories all summer long...

my blue heaven pattern from the 1950s dish set I found strolling through the flea market. I was so inspired and now I am on a hunt for the dinner plates to match to use as my everyday.
I love this colorful quilt I found buried in a closet at my grandmothers. It is no longer in hiding but now gives my sofa new life.
On the last picture. The globe was Georges when he was a little boy. The vintage movie camera was found buried in George's workshop. It was his friend Bo's, who died as a teenager in a car accident. The vintage piece of luggage was going to goodwill after a church yardsale. I grabbed it for free and now it stores all my sons matchbox cars and looks pretty cool on my bookcase.
The red S on the mantle was found at a craft store for a buck and I wrapped it in red yarn.
I love adding interest around my home, but even more than that, I love the hunt to find these neat pieces.

And of course there's the mud pie kitchen. What fun this has created for my kids, friends , and of course me. We found some great pieces for it in my grandfathers garage, and it has lended to hours of dramatic and imaginative play. Sure beats sitting inside all summer watching TV and playing video games.

So we're off... to a new season. with change. celebration. new finds that is giving new life. and creative ideas and play. I do love this long, carefree, whimsical season.

Happy Thursday!



Heather said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Karen Hammons said...

First of all... I REALLY like what you have done with the house! Adding all those vintage pieces gives it personality. Second of all... the mudpie kitchen. That is AWESOME! My kids would be all over that one. LOL