Wednesday, May 25, 2011

what i wore wednesday

I'm linking up with lindsay over at The Pleated Poppy today for some fashion fun.

brown cami and lace cami : Kohls
jeans: Express
gold wedge sandals: gift from sister

shirt: mountain store in Chimney Rock NC
gray cropped pants: Pennys
hiking shoes: Merrell
sherpani shoulder bag: Mast General Store

Question: I am looking forward to summer vacation with the kids. How would you choose to spend a lazy summer day... laying by the pool, with your favorite music playing and a cold beverage in your hand or lying in a hammock under a shade tree, reading a really good book?


4 comments: said...

Ooh, could I be laying by the pool with a good book?;)

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

the first outfit is my favorite...the sandals & top are especially fun!

DaenelT said...

Cute outfits and fabulous pictures.

Karen Hammons said...

GREAT pics friend!!