Thursday, May 26, 2011

mud pie kitchen

When I was a little girl my most favorite game in all the world to play was "pot and pans". Basically it was creating mud pies and wild onion and grass salads. My friends and I would spend hours and hours on this game. Playing in the summer sun with old pots and pans and spoons we would scrounge up from my grandparents storage room. This fond memory is the inspiration for this post and the reason for my agenda with the kids this afternoon.

Today and tomorrow are both half days for the kids and then we will officially be summer vacationing. Around 1145 I will be expecting the yellow school bus to stop in front of our home, and I will watch my children climb off (or in Andrews case, spring forward into a field of freedom) waving good bye to friends, lugging books and papers on theirs backs, for the last times this school year. Though that makes me a little teary, I look forward to the days ahead, when I can get to know them a little better. Days when we can share lunch together, go on all kinds of adventures, and I can watch them explore with a new found freedom.

So after lunch today I will give them a job. We will go exploring for everything we need to build a mud pie kitchen, an outdoor fort, anything that will make for hours and hours of summer creativity outdoors. And we will begin to build. Honestly, I am excited.

Here's some inspiration I found to help us get started...

I could hardly sleep last night with all the ideas rolling around in my head.

what favorite childhood game would you love to re-create?


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DaenelT said...

How fun! Love what you've created, so incredibly cool. I used to love to play with my dolls and still have my fave doll from when I was a little girl.