Friday, May 6, 2011

to cheer them up

My little girl has had a HARD week. I guess she's not really all that little anymore. We are baring down on the tail end of 6th grade and once the summer is over, I will have on my hands a middle schooler. And the ups and downs of emotions, drama, and struggles are evidence that we are embarking on a whole new phase of life. Adolescence.

School was tough this week. Poor grades that came home resulted in the consequences of restrictions. There was rejection from peers. Notes for not paying attention in class, and just plain bad attitudes. By Thursday evening it all resorted in a melt down of tears.

I was buried on the sofa in a book I was reading, my laptop for research, a notebook and pen, and total focus on what I was trying to learn, when Madison came and sat down beside me. She ask me if she could listen to the song "More" by Matthew West that was on my phone. I gave it to her and she listened while I continued in my work. She began to cry and then she asked me, " Mom if I want to give God a hug, how do I do that." She said, "I feel like I need to get in His lap and feel His arms wrapped around me." She was in a puddle of raw emotions. I stopped what I was doing and thought for a minute, "How do we give God a hug?" Then I heard that still small voice...

I've given her a mom. Your daughter simply needs to know she's loved, accepted. She needs to be hugged. Put everything in your lap down and make room for her to enter my comfort, my presence, my hug."

So, I did. I put everything down, reached out for her and drew her close to me. I lifted her into my lap, pressed her head against my heart, and whispered in her ear, "I love you. Just be still. Rest." I felt a peace fall over our embrace. She expressed the feeling of not liking the hardness of life, and I told her I understood. She calmed and we gently smiled at each other.

Later in the evening I thought, What a gift to be a MOM. To be able to offer an accepting lap, a divine hug, to cheer my children UP above their struggles.

Thank you Father for the gift of my children. Thank you for entrusting me to be their MOM. What a privilege it is. Always give me the strength and wisdom to cheer them UP and beyond...


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