Tuesday, May 3, 2011

there's grace for that

I was having a phone conversation with a friend earlier, spilling my guts about some discouraging events in my life the past few days. In the course of our conversation she said something that was really profound to me. That really encouraged me. That gave me hope.  She said, "There's grace for that." What a freeing statement. What an amazing gift. We have grace for that. It's been giving to us, and we have it to give.

Murder... there's grace for that

Adultery... there's grace for that

Pornography... there's grace for that.

Abortion... there's grace for that.

Anger... there's grace for that.

Gossip... there's grace for that.

Addiction.. there's grace for that.

His GRACE is sufficient when we truly receive it, and learn to generously give it.

We had been talking awhile when I said, "I guess I need to go do these dishes before the kids get home."
She responds, "Well, okay, but if you don't, remember, There's GRACE for that."

"Then He told me, my grace is enough; it's all you need. My strength comes into it's own in your weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9

My sweet friend went on to say, but don't tell your youngens that. You'll be saying, "Why didn't you make your bed, and they'll say, ahhh Mom, there's grace for that."

I'm NOT trying to say that because we have this amazing grace it's an excuse for all my shortcomings. It's not at all. But,  the more I look at all my failures and say, "that's covered in grace." The more I will allow Jesus to carry my load. Because He's the strong one. He's the able one. Because I have His GRACE His strength is able to take over. It allows me to live free from quilt, shame, condemnation. His GRACE makes way for my life to be filled with joy, peace, love.

So, I'm thankful that there's grace for that. 

where are you struggling?  what falls short in your life? where are you wounded? Guess what? you have a healthy portion of grace for that... 

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Stephanie said...

Hey Kristin, I've been looking for you. Just decided to do a google search and found your blog. I think of you often. Wish you'd stay in touch. Much love, Stephanie Cole