Tuesday, May 17, 2011

getting inspired and motivated for long lazy summer days..

It is very hard for me to believe that the school year is coming to an end and summer is knocking at our doors. I look forward to summer and cringe at it also. It will be so nice not having to rush to get out the doors in the morning and frolick around in the yard at dusk on a Tuesday evening. I look forward to spending days by the pool, reading lots of books, playing made up games with my children, and finding myself in fun little spur of the moment adventures.

However weeks upon weeks of little structure and routine. Daily playing referee to sibling rivalry, bored kids, and smoldering, humid South Carolina heat that leaves you unable to breath and get outside somedays, is the part that makes me cringe. 

So I went on a little search to help me get motivated to plan our summer vacation. And this is some of the stuff I found.

Talk about spur of the moment adventures, this is PERFECT!!


A must for surviving the long days of summer..

Very cute idea for celebrating the 4th...

Movie night... YES PLEASE

Then we can head off to slumber... with the crickets and tree frogs.

A Dream Vacation

 now.. i am motivated for summer... how about you?



Anonymous said...

I have two weeks off this summer, and some of these pictures make me so excited for my vacation!

kristin said...

No Doubt!! I'm trying to figure out how I could rent a camper (preferable one of those air streams, although I believe that's wishful thinking.) and create one of these scenes. Just so whimsical. :)

Anonymous said...

That would be so fun!

I e-mailed you, by the way :-)