Thursday, April 28, 2011

a newborn, a three year old, a thermometer, and a laugh....

Awww.. I came across this photo yesterday and had to laugh. I mean seriously, look at Andrew's little face. That was the goal though, to have a good laugh. I can hardly remember when my kids were this little. Time flies by way too quickly. That's why I have to pull out the photo boxes,{that has actual photos that I can hold, in them} ever once in awhile to remember. And this photo simply made me laugh and also made me remember a funny story about my babies when they were this age.

Andrew was maybe a week old when he got really sick. So, typically when you have an infant that is running a fever you check their temperature in the not so pleasant orifice {the rectum}.  I was sitting on the sofa, and had him laid on my lap, where he fit perfectly. I lubed up the thermometer, lifted his bottom, and inserted. As I was waiting for the BEEP, Madison, my three year old, was standing at my knees watching very intently. Her eyes were big, and that sweet look of three year old curiosity was plastered on her little face. beep, beep, beep, I removed the thermometer, that read 101.1 {or something like that}. As I was pondering what to do with my sick baby, Madison reached over me, pulled up her brothers little legs, spread those baby cheeks apart, and peered closely into the opening. I was wondering what in the world she was doing. All of a sudden, she through his legs down, looked up at me so matter-a-factly, and said, "YEP...YOU POKED A HOLE IN HIM."

This memory made for a great afternoon laugh...

what funny thing has your child said that you will always remember?


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