Monday, April 4, 2011

hello monday...

One of my very favorite blogs that I am reading right now is Lisa's.  I click on her site daily for refreshing inspiration and she designs some of the sweetest jewel that I am hinting to my man about for mothers day. {Hopefully you are reading this, George, and will go take a peek at her stuff ;)}

I always look forward to reading her "Hello Monday" post. I think, too often, we dread Mondays and we can allow Mondays to be a Joy stealer. Instead, Mondays are an opportunity to say "Hello" to a new week, a fresh start, and new ideas. Mondays can be refreshing and inspiring.... for we have a whole week ahead of us to do GREAT things..

So, I thought I'd like to do my own "Hello Monday", because I believe it will be so much fun!
Hello to returning to school from spring break, and the countdown to summer vacation.

Hello to sunny skies and a week of 70 something temps.

Hello to flowers popping up in my yard {and new ones being planted}
 Hello to small group, appointments, and coffee dates that were all missed last week.

Hello to new ideas, new friends, and old ones.

Hello to change that comes with Spring.

New Life
New Love
New Beginnings...

What will you embrace today, just because it's Monday?

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