Friday, April 1, 2011

happy 1st day of april...

So excited and can hardly believe we are entering April.
My baby sister is getting married next Saturday and the past month and a half our weekends have been filled with wedding showers, bachelorette weekends, dress fittings and luncheons.  Next weekend will be CRAZY. But, today is the last day of spring break and we have an open weekend ahead of us. Whooo Hoooo....

What we plan to do this weekend...
1. Brighten up our house with fresh paint, spring flowers, and cut grass that is green from all the rain.

2. See the movie "Hop" {maybe}

3. Clean house and do laundry

4. Plan new meals for the family and take a trip to the grocery.

5. Church

6. Nap?! {hopefully}

7. Enjoy the warm sunshine and praising the One who sends it..

What does your weekend look like?

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