Thursday, April 21, 2011

blogs, ladies, and those who inspire...

This week, my focus has been on what "Inspires" me. i have intentionally thought about inspiration and looked for it all week. And, do you know where i have found the most of it?


It has been the women in my life who have given me the greatest source of inspiration on my search. My real life friends and the incredible ones in the blog world. I have found my way into friendships that give me encouragement, laughter, grace, and hope daily. I watch the ladies around me and marvel at their creativity, love, strength, and obedience to their own life callings that require such sacrifice. Each friend, lady, that blesses me everyday is a GIFT from above.

Missy... she is my talk to everyday friend. Maybe 6 times a day. :) It is nothing short of inspiring to witness her walk through life right now. I see her Spirit soaring, while she deals with type 1 diabetes, a special needs daughter (who is an angel), and a wayward husband. She puts her HOPE  in the One who is greater then all her battles. I am a stronger person because of her friendship.

Cheryl... is my coffee friend. We meet for an hour coffee date, that turns into 5. She teaches me to LOVE Jesus with total abandonment. She inspires me to live in POWER and VICTORY. She shows me tangible ways to memorize the Word, and makes it real and applicable in my life. She often texts me out of the blue (but always at the perfect moment)) saying, "P4U" (praying for you).

Jayne... is my counselor. She is grounded in her faith. Mature and seasoned. She makes time for me often and never rushes. She inspires me to look at everything through the lens of God's Word. I am learning from her, real biblical forgiveness, grace, and how to live as the woman I was created to be.

Lisa, Christe, Stephanie, and Deborah... This is my small group. I have shared life with these inspiring ladies for 9 years now. They are fun, beautiful, authentic. They have seen me at my best and at my worst.. and love me the same. They hold me accountable and push me always to be a
better woman. Whether I leave them having just finished studying God's Word or sharing a dinner and glass of red wine, I always feel empowered and encouraged.

Karen... is one of my blogging friends.. Oh, but she is so much more. She is funky, off the charts creative, carries a joy that is contagious. gracious, full of understanding. and extraordinarily gifted Her journey has been trite and challenging. But, she is always ready to let God use it for His glory.  Every time I lay my eyes on her I am inspired. You can read her @ Jesus and Stuff  where you can also learn about her ministry The Offenders Wife..

Then, there are women and their blogs.  Women I will probably never meet face to face, but are changing my life day by day. Women I am finding on the world wide web, who are geniuses, having profound creativity. women who run their own businesses, homeschool their children, share their stories. Artist, cooks, writers, ministers. Wives, mothers, friends, sisters, daughters.
Today, I just want to share a few...

Sarah Markley... writes at "The Best days of my Life" I read her daily. and she has a beautiful story of grace and redemption. Her blog has encouraged me through one of the hardest seasons of my life and I have gained hope from her words. 

Lisa Leonard... with Lisa Leonard designs.. is SO much FUN!! I NEVER leave her blog without being totally inspired. She designs some sweet jewelry. Her shop is fun to browse and her pictures are always amazing. She is a wellspring of creativity. I just found yesterday. I spent the afternoon reading the story of the birth of her second daughter and sobbed all the way through. I spent the rest of the evening loving my family greater. Even though I only starting reading her yesterday, I know she is a rare find. A real treasure of inspiration.

I am so thankful for the women in my life, who make me better. Each one is a treasured gift.
Here's to INSPIRATION...

Do you have a group of women in your life who truly inspire you? Where have you found your greatest source of inspiration this week?

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