Sunday, December 12, 2010

To The Top...

Today George and I celebrate 12 years of being married. Twelve wonderful, amazing, difficult, challenging, flat out miraculous years. We have overcome the odds that have been stacked against us over the years. George said to me one day last week, " I believe we are becoming overcomers." I believe he is right. I believe that celebrating another anniversary this year is nothing short of a miracle. I am thankful for our marriage and the lessons in love and redemption that it continues to teach me.

One of our favorite things to do together is hiking. We try to hike as often as we can. Winter is our favorite time to get in the mountains and take long, brisk, rejuvenating walks. Several years now we have planned to conquer a mountain for our anniversary. It seems pretty appropriate because that is what it seems like the years of our marriage is like. We face mountains. Temptations, addictions, short-comings, failures, even betrayal. Eroded. Rough. Treacherous. Steep. Valleys. We get tired, out of breath, frustrated, and close to giving up. We are learning to push through the rough areas and pray hard for the places that are smooth and flat where we can catch our breath, refuel, and rest...

So George and I hiked Looking Glass Mountain this year. It was a spectacular day. I want to share a text that George sent me the day before we went...
"We must prepare for our journey. We have selected a destination, now we must prepare. We must determine how to get there, what we'll need on the way, and have a plan to address any problems that might arise. Then all that's left to do is head out. The drive is the easy part. It's standing at the base of the mountain and knowing it's cold and your on foot, and it's all uphill from here. But that's not what  we dwell on. No, we think of the prize. The view from the top, the ones that blazed the trail long ago and what that must of been like. I can't wait to hold your hand and see the view."

Another year has past in the lives of Mr.and Mrs. Spehar. Another mountain was faced. It was cold and daunting. Intimidating and strenuous. But we began to climb one step at a time. Heading for the prize that we have put our faith in. Together we are encouraging each other along this journey. We are learning to say, "Watch your step", "Be careful", "Come on, not much further." "Let's stop for a minute and rest." 
Trenches and Summits.
Valleys and Peaks.
We are holding hands and heading for the view.  

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