Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Every year in December, there comes a time when, I get the "Holiday Blues". In the process of preparing for Christmas there will defiantly be some lack of joy and peace. At some point my husband and I will get into a huge argument, I will most certainly yell at my children,  I will stress over money, decorations, gifts, and cooking. I reach the point of seriously considering boycotting Christmas. And every year without fail, I know in the core of my being that something needs to change. I will think, somehow this holiday should look different. And every year it stays the same.
This week that time has come. The argument  arrived, the yelling happened, the stress was here. I messaged a friend today and  vented my frustration, asking her, "Where does all this ugliness come from around the holidays?" She responded back to me with wisdom as always. She made me think that maybe we cease celebrating CHRIST-mas sometimes, and we start celebrating SELF-mas. Her reply was, " When Christmas gets messed up it is because we stop celebrating his birth and start celebrating SELF. If the focus stays right it is a glorious time with friends and family." It makes sense, anytime we focus on ourselves we get stressed and depressed. This season can be much about ourselves.
Do WE look nice for parties?
Is OUR houses decorated beautifully?
Did WE pick out the perfect gift?
Will WE get what WE want?
We ask children, "What do you want santa to bring you?" instead of "What are you giving to your brother or sister, parents, ect.?" We get focused on WE. We even get selfish about who we are going to eat with. Seriously, what is it all for anyway?

So I see now. I have been preparing to celebrate SELF-mas. What needs to change? How can this holiday look different?
Make a memory.
Share a story.
Give to someone that is truly in need.
The greatest gift is looking like HIM to the world.
Simply celebrate CHRIST-mas

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