Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Is Your Name?

Hello. My name is Kristin, Chosen and Faithful.  I love my name. I find joy and gladness in my name. It has not always been so. I guess because I have been known as:

Kristin the scatter brained
Kristin the incapable
Kristin the burden
Kristin the problem
Kristin the rejected and wounded
Kristin the unfaithful 

I repeatedly forget things, "Oh, Kristin you are so scatter brained."  I bring home failed grades, and believe I'm not smart and incapable. Seems trouble follows me, and I become a burden or problem for others.  Left out of the group. Picked last for the team. It will leave you believing you don't belong, wounded.  One too many mistakes and suddenly I don't believe I can even be faithful.. And these patterns in life have left me with a cursed name. A LIE about who I really am.

But guess what I have discovered? GREAT NEWS!!!  God is a name changer...

2 Chronicles 7:14: "If my people who are called by my NAME.."

I belong to Father, so I am of His people and if I am of His people then, yes, you are right, I am called by His NAME,
His Name is:

Simon, the most impulsive guy there was, got a name change. Peter (meaning pebble, rock) Simon the Impulsive became Peter the Rock. Hosea married Gomer, the Prostitute. I don't know what is worse the fact that she was a prostitute of that her name was Gomer. They had three children who all got a name change. The first was Jezreel the Battlefield,  He turned into Jezreel the Fertile Field. Second was a daughter, Lo-ruhamah No Mercy, She became Lo-ruhamah Mercy. Then there was Lo-ammi Not My People, and God said, "Oh No, this shall not remain." You are now Lo-ammi My People.

God is in the business of name changing.

"God does not make all new things; but all things new." -Dr. M.E. Boring

By the Grace of God I have received a new name...

Kristin the Wise
Kristin the Able
Kristin the Blessing
Kristin the Healed
Kristin the Accepted and Chosen
Kristin the Faithful One...

What is your name? Let God write it in permanent marker on your heart.      



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