Monday, September 27, 2010

Is Your Tank Full?

The other day I went to the gas station, pulled up to the tank, went inside to the store clerk, handed him a gift card and said, “I would like to fill up.” I proceeded back to my van, removed the nozzle from the tank and filled her up! I turned back on my van and watched as the lever on the gas gauge rose to full. It felt so good!!

I have realized that I live on an empty tank. Whether it be financially, spiritually, emotionally, or just simply in my bright blue family van. Seems I am always running on empty and praying that God would get me to the next gas station to put a little gas in, that will take me just a little further. When you are used to living on empty, oh how good it feels when you get to fill up.

I believe it is not Gods intention for us to live empty. Jesus said, “I have come to give them life and give it to them fully.” In abundance!! So why in the world do I continue to have an empty tank? I think maybe it is unbelief that is the issue here. I am just not believing what he said. It is plain and simple, He came to give me a full life!  If I truly believed that, then my gas tank would remain FULL.

The cool thing is, I was given a gas card as a gift. Filling my tank the other day did not come out of my own supply. It was freely given. The problem is, I think so often it's up to me to make things happen, to bring in the abundance, to meet my needs. And that only gets me in trouble and leaves me all the more empty. I have not been receiving my free gas card and cashing it in to fill up. Because, I have not been believing that I actually have a gas card. 

WOW!! It's pretty sad that I have been freely given a lifetime supply of abundance and I have been living on empty. Simply because of my unbelief. I have a free gas card in my pocket and I can cash it in anytime I need to. Thank you Jesus!

How about you today? Are you driving around empty or is your tank FULL?  We have been given a million dollars, so why do we live on pennies? Receive the free gift of abundance, cash it in, and "fill her up."

Father, you have freely given me the abundant life. I believe. Help me with my unbelief....

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