Friday, August 1, 2008

Merry Christmas in July.

Its the middle of July, 102 degrees outside I might add, we are all running around half naked,and my children decide this week we will watch christmas movies. Nothing like a little christmas spirit when your sweating half to death. We watched Elf 8 times this week, and I had "Baby it's Cold Outside" stuck in my head.That same week I organized all my Christmas decorations (not something you normally do in July) watched two random christmas TV shows, and listened to my kids belt out Christmas songs while swimming in the pool. I was starting to get the christmas spirit. You know that feeling that rises up in you when you start seeing the christmas season approach. An expectation that something is coming. "God, whats up with Christmas in July"? No one else I talked to was having the same experience. "Seek me and you will find me if you seek me with all your heart." OK. So I'm on my way to the good old Christmas story. Its a story about God's provision. The creator of the universe was making away for us. Provide means to make available, and thats just what our heavenly Father was doing. He was making Himself available to us though His only son Jesus. The times were full of great expectations. The people were expecting a messiah, they were looking for a savior. Mary was expecting a baby. They were expecting God to show up, and He did. They were expecting God's provision and He came though. He is faithful. The Webster dictionary meaning of the word expect is an eager anticipation. This is not an "Ohh , well maybe". Its" I am eagerly waiting. " Wow, Father what a lesson." So what is the Christmas spirit? An eager expectation that God will show up. That's something I will do everyday.

Father God, Thank you that you are faithful. Thank you for making yourself available for me. I am eagerly expecting your provision in my life. Keep the Christmas spirit alive in my heart. I love you!

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Karen said...

Great post!! My oldest, Avery, wanted to watch "A Christmas Story" in June. It's just too hot to see people in coats and scarves!!! LOL
I can't wait to see you write more! I saw your note on my Facebook. I would be more than glad to help you out with blogging! It's so much fun!!! I wish I was able to do it more than I do.

Have a blessed day!