Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Can't See It...

Sometimes we think that the knowledge we have makes us capable of figuring out and understanding what is our  purpose, our place in things. But when our father calls us out and leads us in foreign places we cry out to him that we can’t see our reason for being there. We tell him, " Hey you made me and know everything about me.  Look here’s who I am and this is what I do." He leads us right where he needs us so he can show us his will for us. Whether that be a mission to undergo for him, or to show us where we are at isn’t inline with his will.. But he sees our place from a higher view and knows when we are standing in it and we don’t even see it. And when he finally gives us a view of where we are at it can be hard to wrap our minds around or even believe what is right in front of us. Man Dad must shake his head and laugh at my narrow mind and views sometimes.

Watch this now. Then read on.

So I’ve found myself standing in the footprint on the path of destruction left by the monster that hates me, my marriage, my God. I see now the trail of where he’s been and the direction he was heading. He’s left, moved on, but I know by the fact that my father has me here this won’t be the last time I’ll have to see the haters destruction or the last time I’ll have to face him. But for now I’ll do as the father asked and study what he’s showed me to see what I can learn from it, some good helpful things that will help me be better able to deal with the times I come face to face with the beast and some bad as I look at the damage he’s done and know that it’s my responsibility to help repair it as well. Please don’t miss that I fully recognize that I was the one wearing shoes much larger then my own shaped just like the beasts. The shoes just looked cool, I really didn't see the destruction they would cause just strolling around in them. So sadly I made the footprints I now have to clean off. I’m OK with that, I take responsibility. God I’m sorry, could you please pass me some grace and forgiveness? Thanks Dad. You ROCK! 

Written by my husband: George Spehar

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